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2022 Calendar of Events

Spring         Summer          Fall          Winter



Spring comes slowly to our mountain valley. April arrives with snow still on the ground, usually in patches beneath the trees and in shady spots, and an occasional snowstorm. Late in the month, the meadows begin to turn green with new grass. The sandhill cranes return to nest; their warbling call is a sure sign that winter is over.

By mid-May, we bring our cattle back from winter pasture in California and our ranching operation hits full stride. There is plenty of work in the corrals and on horseback as we get the cows and calves sorted, worked, doctored and out on pasture for the season ahead..


May 1 May 20, 2022
Cows return home from California pasture


May 5 May 20, 2022
Weaned yearling calves return home from California pasture


Memorial Day Weekend
28-30, 2022
Our restaurant and lodging open for our 30th year. Call early for reservations





Summer arrives with a profusion of wildflowers and a burst of good fishing. The resident wildlife population swells to include bald eagles, deer, elk, and small critters and birds too numerous to mention; coyotes serenade almost nightly.

Cow work is now the focus of every day. Early in the season, some of the cattle are pushed to our upper range; the rest are scattered among the meadows of the ranch. Calving season (Mid-July to September) is a period of intense cattle work and horseback riding.

Summer also brings a chance to play. If you come to visit, keep an eye on the roping arena. It is often the site of an impromptu team roping or barrel racing practice; maybe you can even pick up some pointers!


June 1 June 10, 2022
Turn out cows to Forest Service grazing allotment


July 15, 2022
Calving season begins mid-month and continues through September






Fall has been referred to as the "secret season" in central Oregon. Pleasant days and cool nights offer leisurely hours for hiking, fishing, and relaxing. Fall colors, as the aspen trees turn, can be spectacular.

September begins with a whirl of activity as the town of Lakeview hosts the Annual Lake County Fair and Round-up. There is always some great rodeo action (you might even know some of the participants) along with lots of small-town fun.

Of course, the ranch work goes on. Yearlings are shipped, calving continues, and cattle are gathered from the forest range. In mid-October, the final gather begins as we prepare to ship the entire herd to winter pasture in California.


September 1 September 15, 2022
Yearling calves are shipped


Labor Day Weekend, 2022
Lake County Fair and Round-up

October 2022
Cattle are sorted and worked in preparation for move to California pasture

November 1 November 15, 2022
Cow herd shipped to California





As the winter snow sets in, we are relieved that our cattle are enjoying green pasture in California. This is the season for family gatherings, holiday celebrations, snowmobiling and cross-country skiing. Aspen Ridge is a special place to spend the holidays and we have been flattered to have many guests make it a tradition.

Our restaurant and lodging accommodations are available for private bookings and parties throughout the holidays.